It looks like the tables have turned for the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, with Craig S Wright finding himself on the receiving end of a legal notice. On May 3, a US District Court, from the Southern District of Florida issued an order to “Faketoshi” to provide ownership evidence of Bitcoin addresses which are over six years old.

The “sua sponte” order in question, pertains to the estate case of Dave Kleiman vs Craig Wright and eludes to the list of Wright’s claimed public Bitcoin addresses as of December 31, 2013. In light of this, the order reads that Wright filed an “unverified motion” identifying a number of “bitcoin public addresses that he mined” and added that in 2011 the ownership of “all his bitcoin” was transferred to a blind trust.

Wright added that to produce a list of his Bitcoin holdings would be “unduly burdensome”, however, the same is “not supported by facts” states the order. The court document read:

“In essence, he does not argue undue burden, he argues impossibility. The argument that Dr. Wright is incapable of providing an accurate listing of his current or historical bitcoin holdings was never presented in any of the prior hearings before this Court, when the Court was crafting the scope of discovery.”

The plaintiff to the case, Ira Kleiman, responded to the “unverified order” asking for Wright to produce the list of BTC owned as of December 31, 2013, identify the transferred Bitcoins to the blind trust in 2011, and produce documents evidencing the same. Wright is also expected to identify current and past trustees and beneficiaries of the blind trust under oath, and finally, allow for further deposition, with reference to the ownership and control of the disputed Bitcoins.

Based on the information, demands, and compromises presented by both the parties, the court stated that Wright’s deemed “Motion for Protective Order” is denied. Prior to 1700 ET on May 8, Craig Wright is expected to “provide to Plaintiffs a sworn declaration identifying the name and location of the blind trust, the name and contact information for the current trustee and any past trustees, and the names and contact information of any current or past beneficiaries”.

The order adds that prior to 1700 ET on May 9, Wright should produce a copy of documents detailing the “formation, administration, and operation of the blind trust” to the plaintiffs. Lastly, the clincher, on or prior to 1700 ET on May 15, all “transactional records” of the blind trust pertaining to the transfer of said Bitcoin in 2011 should be produced.

Wright and Dave Kleiman, almost a decade ago, joined hands to create a Bitcoin mining company titled W&K Info Defence Research LLC. The business endeavor, however, according to the plaintiffs, resulted in Wright “defrauding” Klieman of 1.1 million Bitcoins. In April 2013, Kleiman passed away due to an MRSA infection.

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