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Following his inexplicable disappearance from Twitter, Craig Wright recently made an appearance to discuss the ongoing drama and speculation surrounding the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. During an interview with Crypto Finder, Wright dismissed the requirement of a private key as evidence to prove his involvement in the development of Bitcoin. He said,

“I’ve got the transaction statements for buying the domain name and the Satoshi email address. The bank has to keep those for 25 years.”

Wright also accused Binance and Tether of money laundering and wash trading, while also taking a dig at John McAfee. He added,

“John McAfee helps these organizations pump up the token price, get people to invest, and then short the crap out of it!”

When asked about Phil Wilson’s involvement in the creation of Bitcoin, Wright dismissed Wilson’s involvement, stating that it too was a “a conman job”. He accused Wilson of attempting extortion by threatening to leak key information.

The interview also touched upon other issues. When asked about how he manages to remain grounded amidst all the commotion, fame, and fortune, the nChain Lead Scientist said,

“It’s not about getting the next billion, it’s about the work.”

He took another opportunity to lambast the software pioneer, claiming that,

“Unlike “conman John” (McAfee), people want to invest in someone who wants to grow, not in someone who wants to retire.”

Wright’s interview concluded with him cautioning the general public to steer away from crypto-speculations surrounding him. He said,

“The next big thing—like Google and Amazon—doesn’t happen overnight. People should find out the truth themselves.”

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