The economic situation in Latin America is anything but prosperous right now as major countries in the provinces are struggling to cope up with extreme mismanagement and the prospects of growth remain very frugal. In light of the current situation, many countries had turned their attention towards virtual-assets as a way out of the mass financial crisis surfacing in the regions.

However, cryptocurrencies are vastly attached with volatility and with the growing number of cyber crimes experienced by notable crypto exchanges; the question of security is raised within these crypto organizations.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are essential for the transaction and storage of crypto assets and the introduction of a new exchange service, Crypto InterCambio was indicated to present a secured solution in the Latin American countries that were undergoing a major transformation, in order to force virtual asset towards mass adoption in the South American provinces.

Crypto InterCambio

The global crypto community of the world was recently presented with Crypto InterCambio, a Chilean non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that provided the service of virtual asset exchange from one digital currency to another in a brief period of time. Crypto enthusiasts and investors around the world are always looking for a reliable exchange that facilitates such a service at a higher rate of success. Crypto InterCambio is supposed to offer the best exchange rates in the market and the exchange has the availability of over 100 cryptocurrencies in its system.

Since the exchange is a non-custodial service, it is suggested that the exchange does not store any user funds within the system and the user is always in charge of his/her virtual asset capital. One of the major principles of the company was to keep the security aspect high on their priorities hence the anonymity was an important feature of the exchange.

The exchange does not require any of its users to share their personal data like email, or Identification Proof while making a transaction so that the people have their identities protected and under in cognition.

Crypto InterCambio Working Principle

The working principle integrated into the exchange is a unique one as the service provides its users with the best rate possible. In order to enable that service, the exchange executes an algorithm that searches for the best bids on various crypto exchanges and then suggests its users with the top available rates and displays it on the website.

The rates are based on an approximation until the transaction is carried forward hence the exchange rate may differ from the rates seen at the beginning of the transaction.

The volatility and fluctuating nature of cryptocurrencies is one of the reasons why Crypto InterCambio does not fixate the crypto exchange rates in the system. The rates of other crypto exchanges witness significant fluctuations constantly; hence the exchange set the rate at the very instant of the transaction. The exchange’s policy on rates protects the service from non-ideal virtual asset exchange risks in the market.

One of the major features provided by the exchange is the exclusion of a service fee. Crypto InterCambio does not charge any fees for the transaction process from its users which makes the exchange of one crypto to another highly affordable.

The exchange also does not process any kind of registration fees from the customers which further promotes the transparency embodied in the exchange.

How does the exchange work?

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As mentioned earlier, Crypto InterCambio exchange does not require any personal information from its customers in order to carry forward transactions. The process followed in the exchange is a relatively simple one without any major complications.

Step 1: Transfer funds to CambioCrypto from your wallet

The first step in the process is to identify how much funds a customer wants to transfer and then they would require to send their funds from their designated crypto wallet to the CambioCrypto exchange.

Step 2: Searching the best available rate

One of the major functions which make CryptoCambio highly sought-after is that it navigates through various exchanges in order to find the best rates for their customers. Once the funds are transferred, the exchange would identify the rates which best are suited for the user and so that the person can benefit from the exchange.

Step 3: Exchange at the best rate

After the most lucrative rate is identified for the customers, the funds transferred to CryptoCambio undergo the transaction, in order to receive the desired crypto asset.

Step 4: Funds delivered to the wallet

Once the transaction is completed, the funds are delivered to the recipient wallet in quick succession and the customer does not need to be on the waiting line in order to complete a high-value transaction.

Why Crypto InterCambio?

Trust and Reliability are some of the major traits customers want their exchange to be associated with. Users generally want that the people behind the functionality of their exchange should have acute knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and the overall crypto ecosystem.

The Crypto InterCambio exchange was developed and established by a group of prominent crypto entrepreneurs that have significant experience in the blockchain industry. As mentioned earlier, the fact that Crypto InterCambio is registration-free, the anonymity of the users is largely protected.

The service provided by the exchange is also extremely secure and fast and they do not reveal out any identities of the users. The customers are able to witness every Crypto InterCambio transaction and they can track their transfer status throughout the process.

Moreover, the exchange also has native-spoken customer support which includes Spanish and Portuguese speaking staff for their South American customers.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem and culture might have taken off on a large scale in the United States and some parts of Europe but it is still underwhelming in South America and the introduction of such exchanges and such blockchain projects should further create a dominant force in Latin America to generate a financial system that would help improve the flailing economy in the region.

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