In the weird and wacky world of crypto twitter, things can go from good to bad in less than a second. The vibrant and harsh reality of cryptocurrencies is spoken about here and everyone will judge your every move. One person who knows this more than most are analysts and personalities like John McAfee, the Crypto Dog and most notably, Tone Vays. 

Why do I note Tone Vays more than most? Well, the popular trader has been able to grow his crypto following online to just shy of 200k despite being the subject of many jokes and ridicule from many other bigger accounts in the crypto space. 

Specifically, let’s talk about the recent Lonon Blockchain Conference hosted this week which Vays attended despite the fact that it was made known to the community that Craig Wright (faketoshi) was attending. When he found out that Vays was going to the conference, the creator of Litecoin gave Vays a piece of his mind saying, “Many of us made the pledge to not attend a conference that invites faketoshi. Yet you still plan to share the same stage with him. Shame”.

It is well-known throughout the space that Craig Wright is making the claim that he is the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto and essentially, he hasn’t got any supporters. 

But despite getting criticised for sharing the same stage as Wright, Vays had a trick up his sleeve as he turned up in a very amusing t-shirt.

We are all Satoshi

Sitting next to Wright on stage at the conference, Vays wore a t-shirt with the quote, ‘We Are All Satoshi Except for Craig S. Wright’.

This brilliant troll from the trader was respected highly throughout the space with some saying it is a ‘boss move’. 

I think what makes this even funnier is that the two were sat next to each other on the panel. Wright didn’t seem to notice the shirt but to be fair we have only seen one picture of the two on stage.

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