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Three Davie college campuses went into lockdown for hours. Police say a toy gun caused the scare.

A student at Florida Atlantic University was leaving the parking lot off College Avenue late Thursday night when she thought she saw a man with a rifle, according to Davie police.

He was walking on a nearby swale. His rifle had an orange stock on it.

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An investigation is underway after a man with a toy gun sent three Davie college campuses into lockdown.

Davie Police Department

He then pointed the gun at her. She sped off and called police.

As a precaution, the campus went on lockdown. So did nearby Broward College and Nova Southeastern University. Students and staff still on campus were told to seek shelter.

The lockdown lasted until for nearly three hours, until around.

That’s when police say they found the man. He was walking along Stirling Road, far from the campuses. He was carrying a large black umbrella under one arm, a plastic shotgun in his hand.

It was yellow, orange and green.

The man, who police say is 60, matched the student’s description. He had a white beard and was wearing a gray sweater. He said he was on College Avenue earlier but he never pointed the toy gun at anyone, according to police.

Police did not arrest the man or release his name.

But they did seize his toy as evidence.

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