First, I must say that this Detox can and will work for anybody who seriously wants to do it. Second, what I am writing is my own personal accounts as to my experience while on the Master Cleanse Detox. I am only giving this information as an insight. Remember that each individual is different even though we are similar. So you may experience the same things or not experience them at all. Or, the level at how the Detox effects your body may be higher or lower. Just so everyone knows the truth. So with that being said shall we…

Day 1 Which I can really say started the night before with the Senna tea. The introduction of the tea alone will make some people quit the first day but if you are mentally tough you’ll get through it in a breeze. It affects individuals differently based on the level of toxins and waste currently in your body. Even before I knew about the Master Cleanse Detox I knew about the senna tea. I have good old’ mom to thank for that. It was taken routinely growing up in our household every weekend. So I was prepared, and used to taking it. I’m not trying to scare anyone off! I just want to help the mental aspect of it. The senna can make your stomach do flips because it is a very effective laxative tea. But, like I said before it won’t last forever. And before you know it its over. The tea which is taken at night is used in conjunction with a sea salt flush (referred to as a top down enima) which is done in the mourning. Now I must say that the first couple of days on the Master Cleanse Detox you would be better off with a clear schedule. Like on the weekends or your days home from work. It just gives you a better way to gauge your bodies initial reaction to the Detox. Because the sea salt flush takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to make its way completely through your system. So you want to take that into consideration before starting your day. But once its done its done. I can’t say this for everybody, this detox is not going to have you married to the toilet. But you will frequent the restroom a little more than normal. But nothing to unbearable. The big part of getting through day one is just remembering not to eat. Cause there were several times I made it all the way to the kitchen before my mind caught up with my stomach. That is the biggest challenge over anything.

Day 2 Similar to day 1 but a lot less time was spent on the toilet. Compared to day 1 it’s a breeze, in that aspect anyway. By this time my stomach is really giving me the blues about not eating. I just drank the lemonade along with water and found things to do to occupy my time and keep my mind off of food. Really that’s the hardest part, just trying to convince myself that I’m in control of my body. Physically I felt good but most of the day is spent with your body and mind at war. But hey if you stay head strong you’ll be alright.

Day 3 I have to honestly say is the worst day. You don’t know how much food is on your mind until you hit day 3. It is said most people quit the detox by this day. The feeling of hunger you get seems unbearable. But I don’t remember feeling physically hungry. My mind was playing some serious games with me. At the same time its day three and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment that I came this far. That’s what really gave me the will to keep going with it. Really I just wanted to eat a fat Philly cheese steak. But I stuck with it and got through the day. It really helped that I returned to work that Monday. I did make sure I got up early enough to do the sea salt flush. It must be remembered that the sea salt flush in the morning, and senna tea at night. Are just as important as drinking the lemonade drink. They go hand and hand when you do the Master Cleanse Detox. That is if you want it to work successfully. Third day into the detox the sea salt moves through you pretty quickly. I would say about 45 minutes from start to finish. By the end of day three my hunger started to fade and I just started going with the flow.

Day 4 I noticed that the senna wasn’t making my stomach rumble anymore. I read by this time all the recent solid waste has been expelled from your body. And what the senna starts working on is loosening the impacted fecal matter that lines the intestinal walls. The sea salt goes through me in about 30 minutes. So I got a few extra minutes of sleep before work. I still had a slight feeling of hunger, but it was like night and day compared to the beginning of day 3. It was no longer the constant feeling of hunger I was experiencing before. It was more like how you normally feel when you want to eat. But it goes away when I drink the lemonade and or water. I am also surprised at the fact that I haven’t eaten anything for 4 days and don’t feel weak, or tired at all. I was actually feeling pretty good. A little lighter in my step I could say. It may be mental but even so, I felt good. I actually worked out that afternoon after work. I ran a 3.5 mile trail and did some reps of pushups and sit ups, which is my normal workout routine and to my surprise as well I felt pretty good. So good, I had to hold myself back. Cause I didn’t want to over exert myself. But all in all day 4 was the most positive day of the detox thus far.

Day 5 Woke up same routine, sea salt flush I do notice that even though my stools are all liquid it’s somewhat of a darker hue but other than that everything else is the same. I feel like I have even more energy. Very far from feeling fatigued or weak, don’t notice any aches or pains. My feeling of what I would describe as starvation is completely gone. The lemonade drink and water satisfy me if I feel hungry. I notice I’m not craving any type of food in particular to eat. Reality begins to set in, where my mind state really changes. Because you realize that even if you wanted to eat you couldn’t. This far into the fast trying to consume regular food would not be good for you. It could even put you in the hospital if you thought you could tackle a buffet or something like that. So at this point my mind and my body really embraced what was going on. And had begun to start working as one again, it was also my second go around with my workout routine. Same results as before I felt great.

Day 6 Now I must admit this day I woke still feeling good. But I did feel a little tired. Maybe because of my afternoon workout, or just an off day but as far as everything else things were going smoothly. Still drinking the senna tea at night and sea salt in the morning. For the first time I did do something different though. I stepped on a scale. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by myself, or my girlfriend that I looked a little thinner. I have not gotten on a scale before because my main concern was not losing weight. I was already exercising and shedding a few pounds that way. I really wanted to do this to cleanse my body. Because I felt that I had reached a plateau and wasn’t going to get any further until I cleansed my body out. It’s something all the working out and vitamins in the world can’t do. So, I weighed myself for the heck of it. 10 lbs! And it has only been five full days. Now that was something I really wasn’t expecting. But it gave me even more motivation to continue with the fast. It was like a thick layer if icing on the cake for me. I had lost an average of 2 lbs per day while on the Master Cleanse Detox. So day 6 turned out to be a good one. I hope you’re noticing the trend as the days go by.

Day 7 This day and day 6 are close to identical. Though I did do one thing different, now some would say this is cheating the detox but, I really didn’t think so. Besides I felt that wouldn’t do any harm, because I’ve come along pretty good thus far with the detox process. My body let me know that it was doing a lot better. So I purchase some Green Tea with Tropical Acai Berry. The Acai is a berry found in the Amazon as well as other places, known to contain high levels of antioxidants. I mainly got the tea to help change the taste in my mouth, bring in a new flavor different from the lemonade. So with the green tea being all natural combined with the acai berry. It was a win, win situation. Plus the green tea contained a little bit of caffeine. About 25% of what you would get from a cup of coffee, just enough to give me a bit more pep in my workout. Not saying I really needed it but, after working a construction job which can be demanding sometimes. I still wanted to do my workout routine and it gave just the little boost I needed. Keep in mind that I only drunk it once a day and only on days I worked out. But all in all, it’s a great natural tea you can drink without to having a harmful affect to your detox. It also tastes great without any sweetener. So apart from the green tea day 7 was much like day 6.

Day 8 It’s hard to fathom I’ve been 8 days without eating solid food. But at this point I haven’t really had any thought about it. It’s sort of like you’re in detox cruise control. All the horror stories I read on the web, and the closest thing that came to any of them was a headache back on day 3. Now I noticed my face getting a lot thinner, as well as my waist. My pants and my shirts were fitting looser. So I said what the hell. Let’s get on the scale and see where I’m at. 26 lbs! That’s 16 lbs more from just 3 days ago. If I felt anything but great I probably would say there’s a problem. But that’s just it, I feel great. Lighter on my feet, more energized. I don’t even hit the snooze bar on the alarm clock. Get my 6-8 hrs of sleep and I hop right out of bed ready for the day. Now I know as you read this you say to yourself. He’s got to be putting extras on this detox. But I’m really not. At this point I am feeling better than I have in years.

Day 9 I chose to use this day for preparation to break my fast. This is something that should not be taken lightly. You must remember that your body hasn’t digested any solid food for nine full days. And having a free for all at the buffet is definitely something that you don’t want to do, you could possibly hospitalize yourself. You’re body is not capable of digesting solid food efficiently at this point. So you must put together a well designed diet plan, allowing you to ease into eating solid food until you can resume eating normally. A diet plan that you will be able to follow so, you get off to the right start of healthier eating. The Master Cleanse detox is a lifestyle change, meaning that something changes after you complete it. And the food that you choose to eat has a great effect on determining how it will change your life.

Day 10 Finally!!…When I hit this day, I must say I had an over whelming sense of joy. I was able to conquer my fears and skepticism and reap the benefits of my hard work and diligence. Now most people would ask wasn’t my fast supposed to be broken the day after day ten. But gauging by how I felt and looked, I was more than content with breaking the Master Cleanse detox on the tenth day and not after. It really is up to the individual at this point. You know how you feel and what you are trying to accomplish. So by now it’s a lot easier to make a decision on continuing on or not. I choose not to and started the day with a fruit smoothie that was quite good. And trust me it was the best I ever had, mainly because of tasting something other than the lemonade drink. But you want to take it easy, you’re going to feel like gorging yourself but that is a false sense. Whatever you choose to break your fast with you must pace yourself. I found that out the hard way but what I do know is I was feeling and looking better than I had in years. And a stomach ache wasn’t going to change that. The Master Cleanse Detox, Beyonce’ or Lemonade Diet, Detox fast, whatever they want to call it. If done properly according to how it was structured anyone can and will see the same type results. The road traveled may be slightly different but in the end the Master Cleanse Detox can truly be life changing.

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Source by Vernon Williams