My regular viewers know that I’ve experimented with different ways to turn a small hollow vase without doing the hollowing through the small neck of the vase.

This is one of the best options.

I originally rough turned this vase about a year ago. At that time, The rough shape was defined, tenons created, and some hollowing completed before sealing the wood.

After a year of drying, the wood is definitely lighter and dry. I proceeded to complete turning the vase.

What is different this time is the joint. To minimize wood lose at the joint and consequent grain mis-match, I used a separate internal double tenon to rejoin the two pieces together – the base and the neck. This way I could disguise the joint with a very shallow groove and bead.

This and hollowing from the bottom are my preferred joining techniques.

For final hollowing I used a deep hollowing system from the Southern Utah Woodturners club. It is a great system but only provided to members of their club. Commercial equivalents are available.

Some references:
Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer – Craft Supplies USA
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Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used with permission.

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