Inspired by Phil Campbells from all over the world journeying to help the tornado ravaged town of Phil Campbell, a local Alabamian decided to try to help the town in his own special way. As the owner of Robin Wade Furniture, Wade is an award-winning wood artist and master craftsman who works out of his specialty shop in Florence, Alabama. He takes downed trees to create natural-looking furniture as part of a deeply held belief in pursuing sustainable manufacturing practices. Each piece of furniture is shaped by hand, using age-old woodworking skills alongside modern tools. To say this process takes time is an understatement – in fact, it takes years. Since the fall of 2011 Wade has been hard at work on his latest masterpiece, a piece of furniture made out of a tree from Phil Campbell that was downed by the tornadoes of April 27th. The table is currently on display at the Frank Loyd Wright Museum, but you can have an opportunity to own it by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign.

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