Maqui berry is not just another berry. Reality wise, Maqui berry has been getting a lot of buzz especially in America because this wonder fruit has been just released in the market recently (around 2009) and straightaway it gave a lot of benefits to people eating it or adding it onto their diet. One big factor though that Maqui berry contains is a high ORAC score of 527 as opposed to other popular healing berries such as Goji berry (score of 253), Acai berry (score of 300), and Cranberry (score of 95).

Definitely that makes Maqui play a role in detoxification to enhance people’s health and defense against diseases as well as stay beautiful within. At the same time, people getting more and more involved with Maqui maintain their weight loss goals naturally without the increase of side effects.

What Is An ORAC Score?

ORAC score stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score which determines the food or chemical substance’s antioxidant levels through test tube analysis. So when a food has garnered a high ORAC score, it also means that it is high in antioxidant levels which strengthens its ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals inside the body which will also help to fight against diseases especially chronic and deadly ones including cancer and heart disease. With its high ORAC level, it means that it will not only be your defense mechanism, it can also be able to protect your bodily components and cells from oxidative damage, making them to repair and regenerate themselves easily.

In fact, what challenges foods’ antioxidants are digestive functions which are being affected by different physical activities that you go into which include daily exposure to pollution, heat and also with the use of electronic appliances which can continually contribute to more oxygen radicals being absorbed by the body. Developed by Dr. Guohua Cao, ORAC score definitely has been successful in determining foods which can help reduce the risks of carcinogens and free radicals so eating foods especially raw foods with high ORAC score are good ways to detoxify oneself and be healthier all throughout. With Maqui berry for instance, it can fit into what we call 3 day detox recipe ingredients essential to health and weight loss.

Now that you know what Maqui berry can bring, let’s proceed to getting to know Ultimate Maqui Berry which is a product that’s widely using this fruit to promote detoxification:

Ultimate Maqui Berry Details:

Ultimate Maqui Berry is a product that’s been specialized in producing high antioxidant contents to the body through its core ingredient, Maqui berry. Since the berry has been discovered and tested, several people has tried taking in the berry pills and supplements to help them clear out toxins easily and in a natural way since Ultimate Maqui Berry claims to contain 100% Maqui berries inside. Organic capsules indeed, this ultimate solution has also been offered to several vegetarians who tries to lose weight consistently and those suffering from long term illnesses.

As Ultimate Maqui Berry helps strengthen the body’s immune system, it also has the capability to flush away toxins while the vital organs repair and regenerate themselves to perform their crucial activities. That is the reason why this berry also has given people feeling of refreshment and getting revitalized as it sheds unwanted wastes, fatty deposits and the likes fast. While berries are known to be this effective in body detox, it may also be essential for any 3 day detox program which you can perform at home by adding these berries onto your diet.

Once purchased, each pack contains 1800mg bottle of pure berries. Recommended consumption is 1 pill, 3 times a day which is equivalent to 3 pills everyday.

Pros and Cons:

While this product is both essential as shield against diseases and a weight loss substance, Ultimate Maqui Berry also ensures to boost energy levels because it’s typically one of the main problems especially for any diet plan which typically gives lagging results. As a result, you keep yourself energetic and you won’t get tired easily. Another thing is its capability to offer safe and natural weight loss support that’s why it’s also been recommended by a number of medical professionals and nutritionists worldwide. While it speeds up the rate of weight loss, it also allows you to be in control of yourself and also your bodily system to send in signals which balances food consumption. That way you may also reach your preferred weight a lot faster. Lastly, this straightaway affects the skin, hair and nails to have a radiant glow than before.

With regards to trust factor and guarantee of this product,it offers 180-day money back guarantee which is a great marketing initiative which also gives chances to people to try it and think if it’s going to work for them or not. Also, according to a number of customer feedback, there is still no reported side effects from them until now.

For the downsides however, it may increase energy levels but not as high as the other natural supplements may give. Also, when your target is weight loss, you should take note of your calorie intake which can deliberate the effects of the berry pills and therefore you are responsible to take control of yourself if you’d like to prevent weight gain. Concerning on the hunger levels with continuous consumption, it will not have a large impact for you to not feel hungry as Ultimate Maqui Berry can only give you that suppressing benefits of mild appetite nothing more, nothing less.


Overall, Ultimate Maqui Berry still supports both weight loss and immune system benefits which you can consider an all-in-one asset even if it may not be as fast as other weight loss products offered in the market which could suppress your appetite more rapidly to promote weight loss. Despite this, this product may also ensure to provide you with natural and safe way to help you improve your health and lose weight at the same time.

If you’re not looking to find a quick-fix solution to shed fat, lose weight and prevent weight gain in an instant, this product is what you should consider while it can still give you the same advantages on a day to day basis as you may continually keep up until you reach your weight goal.

Definitely patience, discipline and responsibility are what you have to deal with not only with this product but with every program you go into to reach a definite purpose. That way, you’ll be way happier to see great results when you’ve worked the most out of it.

Source by Irene Krey