The ancient Egyptians used to practice the cleansing of the inside of body on a regular basis which today is called Detox or Detox cleanse. There are many ways to achieve this, one way is through fasting to rid the body of all the toxic build up over the years so the body can once more function as it was supposed to before toxins ruled the body.

The body has its own built in detox system and does this probably on a daily basis with help from the liver, kidneys and the colon. By doing your own detox this will help the body reduce the toxic build up and return the body to its peak performance and health benefits.

Another detox diet is the Grape Fruit Detox. This detox is a 4 to 5 days duration and consist of eating only Grapefruit and the seeds, I suppose you would definitely need to like grapefruits before you would even attempt this Detox. You are only permitted to drink hot and cold water during the duration of the detox.

If these two Detoxes are not of your liking then there is an abundance of colon cleanse literature found on the net and you might be surprised to find out just what is residing inside your body or the junk that can come out of your body once you have completed a full detox or even a partial Detox. If your in a hurry check out the resource box for links to Detox Remedies and good luck with your cleanse.

Source by Brian Steven