Toxins are everywhere. They’re in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the pollution that is all around us every day. Our bodies are pretty good at eliminating some of these toxins but sometimes we need a little boost.

For a lot of us, our faces bear the brunt of the bad toxins around us, but never fear for there are a few ideas on how to combat the bad stuff and detoxify your face, the natural way.

The first thing is water, water, water. Seems you can never get enough of the stuff, and the more you drink it, the better your skin will be. This is because it aids your body in getting rid of waste, it plumps the skin, it helps all the body systems function better and it is easy to use. If you don’t like plain water throw in some cucumber or lemon for a treat that is extra helpful for your face! Drinking green tea with lemon or ginger throughout the day is also a great way to eliminate some of those pesky toxins.

Are you getting enough fiber if your diet? If not, get some more into yourself and fast. Fiber is a great thing to add to the diet and you can get it with nuts, oatmeal, musli and lots of other things. Keep that body moving and add this great ingredient throughout the day.

If you’re into makeup you may just want to do it a little more naturally. This means steering clear of the things that include parabens or preservatives and chemicals as they will add toxins to your system. Instead try making your own creams with oils like chia, thistle or jojoba and adding detoxing essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus to make your very own detoxing power house.

It’s also a great idea to steam your face before going ahead with any facial. Simply use steam for eight to ten minutes to purify the pores and get rid of excess water. This will ensure a good base for your facial.

Toxins make our faces break out, become red and have dry patches, but of course there are many ways to counteract their effects. While we can’t get away from toxins we certainly can do a lot to help our body clear them away as quickly as possible. It’s all in the diet, the exercise and of course, the water!

Source by Amanda J Hales