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A total of 1,156 entries were made in the 2019 World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open $3,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event, easily surpassing the tournament’s $3 million guarantee to create a final prize pool of $3,700,356. Six days after the first cards were dealt, it was Donald Maloney that emerged victorious with the title and the top prize of $616,186.

This huge tournament came to a close in a somewhat unusual fashion. After 189 hands at the final table alone, the final three players decided that they wanted to all move in blind and flip for the title. Uke Dauti was the first to move in for 13,025,000 from the button with 5Diamond Suit3Heart Suit, with Kevin Albers calling for his last 11,775,000 from the small blind holding JHeart Suit3Diamond Suit. Maloney had both his opponents covered and called with the 10Club Suit4Heart Suit. The flop came down KDiamond Suit5Heart Suit3Club Suit to give Dauti two pair and the lead. The 6Club Suit on the turn gave Maloney some outs to a straight. The 2Diamond Suit on the river completed Maloney’s draw, locking up the pot and the title for the 31-year-old former hockey player.

“The last hand was pretty interesting,” Maloney told WPT reporters after winning. “The guys had decided that they were exhausted and really didn’t want to play anymore, so we decided to do a flip. It went runner-runner straight, so it was definitely meant for me to get the title and I’ll always remember it, I guarantee.”

The two starting flights in this event saw a massive turnout of more than 1,100 entries. It took three more full days of action to narrow the field down to the final six. Plenty of big names made deep runs in this event, including Jonathan Little (36th – $15,527), Aaron Mermelstein (22nd – $21,784), Justin Liberto (19th – $26,240), Vanessa Selbst (14th – $39,950), Ryan D’Angelo (11th – $48,979) and Nick Pupillo (7th – $100,657).

2019 WPT Borgata WInter Poker Open runner-up David Farah entered the final day as the chip leader with six remaining. 2006 WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic main event winner Victor Ramdin came into the day with the shortest stack, and ultimately was the first to hit the rail. Ramdin got his last chips in with KSpade SuitKClub Suit up against the JDiamond Suit8Diamond Suit of Kevin Albers. The 9Club Suit5Spade Suit4Heart Suit flop kept Ramdin well ahead, but the 7Spade Suit turn gave Albers a gutshot straight draw. The 10Diamond Suit on the rivered filled his straight, earning Albers the pot and sending Ramdin to the rail as the sixth-place finisher with $130,672.

Five handed play continued for more than 11 orbits until the next big showdown arose. With a flop of AClub Suit7Heart Suit5Club Suit, Jerry Maher got all-in with the 4Club Suit3Club Suit for a straight flush draw. Uke Dauti called Maher’s shove with ADiamond Suit7Spade Suit for top two pair. The 7Diamond Suit on the turn left Maher drawing to just the 2Club Suit. The KClub Suit gave him a flush, but it wasn;t enough to overcome Dauti’s full house. Maher took home $171,386 as the fifth-place finisher.

It only took 31 more hands for the next elimination to arrive. All the chips got in on a QSpade Suit7Diamond Suit5Heart Suit9Club Suit board, with David Farah holding QClub Suit7Heart Suit for two pair. Maloney had flopped bottom set with the 5Diamond Suit5Club Suit, though, and raised all-in to put Farah at risk. Farah called and was in need of a queen or a seven. The 3Heart Suit was no help and Farah was knocked out in fourth place ($227,077).

The final three players battled it out for more than 20 orbits before making the decision to do a three-way flip. When the final hand arose, Maloney had Uke Dauti and Kevin Albers covered. As the shortest stack to start the hand, Albers was awarded $303,903 as the third-place finisher. Dauti earned $410,787 as the runner-up.

“With a WPT title not only do I feel more accomplished, but it’s literally set in stone that I was a champion at the highest level of poker,” Maloney said after winning. “I’ve definitely had some deep runs these last few years, but I was never a WPT champion. This is feeling really great right now. It hasn’t really set in yet, but I’m super stoked.”

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Payout POY Points
1 Donald Maloney $616,186 1440
2 Uke Dauti $410,787 1200
3 Kevin Albers $303,903 960
4 David Farah $227,077 720
5 Jerry Maher $171,386 600
6 Victor Ramdin $130,672 480
7 Nicholas Pupillo $100,657 360
8 Michael Linster $78,344 240
9 Timothy Little $61,618 120

Photo credit: WPT / Joe Giron.




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