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* Run by a single 12V 100rpm DC motor and driven by hand cut plywood gears (no laser cutter or CNC!) the entire machine is adjustable!
* By use of the wing nut fasteners, the arms holding the pen can be extended and angled in many different ways (in video both arms are at 180 degrees but can be pivoted to create varied sizes of drawings.)
* In addition the dowels extending down from the arms also have adjustable wing nuts, allowing the user to change the size of the circle they travel in (thereby creating a more condensed or more spread out drawing.)
* In this video the drawing surface rotates only by the varying pressure the ballpoint pen has on the paper. Unlike a belt driven drawing surface which has a constant rotation, using only the pressure of the pen, chaotic and unpredictable patterns emerge. (However a belt can be added to a hidden grooved wheel beneath the canvas and attached to the motor if desired.)
* Materials: Birch plywood, pine, steel, brass, rubber, paper, ink & electronics.
* Created in 2019 by Daniel Menatian
* Music: Continuum by Tycho (Scott Hansen)
* Full length video coming this summer showing more human interaction with machine (adjustments to arms, dowels, canvas placement, speed, & materials.)

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