Some of the most detailed construction work in our community is being done by the Baltimore Trades Guild, which works with our neighbors who often struggle to gain work – particularly, ex-offenders.

Baltimore Trades Guild provides training – connecting with the EBDI Workforce Pipeline – while also serving as a subcontractor on projects.

Currently, the Baltimore Trades Guild team is working on the restoration of historic wood cornices on the 25 row houses being renovated by Verde Construction near our office.

Baltimore Trades Guild President Mylo Celsy talks about the project:

“The crew that I’m working with is from the EBDI pipeline. They are up working on scaffolding, over 25 feet in the air, restoring the cornices of the houses. So they’re learning a lot of skills in woodworking, in safety and how to work up in the air.”

“While our participants are on the job learning as they are working, they are also earning a living wage. Additionally, we work with them a couple of hours a week doing advanced skills training, managing finances, how to get a drivers license, and peer mentoring with men who have built construction companies out of nothing.”

Lead Carpentry Supervisor Oral Lampart explains how they help build careers:

“Most of the guys that come to me have very little skill – or limited experience in general contracting – but not the intricate work we do. We work with very fine detail, which is very painstaking. It’s a slow tedious process, but at the end we have a beautiful product. It gets frustrating for the guys at times because I’m constantly picking on getting it better, getting more details. And if they do that well – then construction will be a piece of cake to them.”

In the video, you’ll also hear from our neighbor Unandus Dyson, who connected with the Baltimore Trades Guild through our pipeline, and is supporting himself doing construction while also attending Morgan State University. And his story represents what we are working together to achieve – working with our neighbors to learn skills, gain employment and pursue even greater opportunities.

Thank you for reading this weeks email. Please take a few minutes to watch our video and see our neighbors hard at work, restoring our community.


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