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Ethereum Classic was created in 2016, following a fork of the Ethereum network. Technicals for Ethereum Classic had not been very strong for the past years. Trading at .79 with a market cap of 0 million, the 20th largest digital asset failed to post significant gains on the cryptocurrency charts. However, mining activity, thanks to ASICs have recovered at a fair pace. Mining profitability peaked in January 2018, following which the figure slumped and failed to recover.

Since last year, the profitability rate has increased gradually. According to data from BitInfoCharts, Ethereum Classic’s [ETC] mining profitability recorded on the 4th of July was $0.0244.

Source: BitInfoCharts

Further, mining pools stats platform, PoolWatch, has announced a weekly “Ethereum Classic mining pool” profitability comparison.


The most profitable mining pool according to the stats provider was 2Miners. The mining pool recorded 100% profitability with a weekly income of 21.391 ETC [$164.50]/1 GH/s. Ethermine registered profitability of 98% over the past week. The Ethereum mining pool stood at a weekly income of 20.486 ETC [$162.06]/1 GH/s. Nanopool stood at the third position with 95% profitability and an income of $20.486 ETC [$157.54] /1 GH/s over a period of seven days. With the profitability of 93%, F2Pool was ranked fourth, accounting for a weekly income of $19.890 [$152.95] /1 GH/s

Additionally, the expected weekly mining income, considering the factors relating to the average network conditions such as difficulty, block time & block reward during the last week was reported to be 21.465 ETC /1 GH/s.

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