Daily Crypto News – May 3, 2019

1) Stephen Palley on ICO boom: In an interview with Max Keiser of the Keiser report, Stephen Palley, a famous lawyer in the field of cryptocurrencies and a partner at the Washington DC officer of Anderson Kill, talked about the lack of information related to rules in the space. He also spoke about amending the regulations proposed by the SEC.

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2) Litecoin partners with military-grade wallet: In a recent development, Litecoin Foundation announced a collaboration with Cobo Vault, the military-grade hardware wallet. Co-branded by Litecoin, the Cobo Tablet is designed for seamless assembly and provides convenient storage of recovery phrases on Cobo Tablet for its users.

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3) Vitalik Buterin on Bitcoin Cash: Vitalik Buterin, the brainchild of the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, spoke at ETH Cape Town on April 2019. Speaking about the forks of Bitcoin, Buterin said that Bitcoin Cash SV was overrated and considered Bitcoin Cash to be underrated.

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4) Tron Dapp Weekly Report: Tron’s smart contract count reached 877, a growth by 100, compared to last week. The new DApps entering the Tron ecosystem are majorly gambling apps and increased by 39 just within the past week.

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5) OKEx sounds caution to customers: In a May 3 tweet, the exchange sounded a stark caution to customers that several “frauds” will look to “impersonate OKEx”. The tweet added that these projects would aim to trick unsuspecting users to send their funds to “fake wallet addresses”.

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6) Roger Ver on Craig Wright: Bitcoin Cash proponent, Roger Ver, posted a video on May 03 as a rebuttal to Craig Wright’s lawsuit against Ver. Roger Ver asked Wright to sue him again.

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