Trouble is brewing within the ecosystem of the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market.

Ethereum development can be funded via increasing, albeit temporarily, the inflation rate, something which has irked many a developer within the ETH community, according to a report by Decrypt.

The plan revolved around creating more Ether [ETH] per block for 18 months, which in turn, would be funneled to a funding organization, based on a proposal tabled during EIP-2025 in June and the discussions involving community core developers, which took place last week.

Funding will be the main aim of this proposal. However, many big names within the community have lashed out at the idea of the increased inflation rate.

Andrew Redden, CTO of Groundhog Pay and BlockCrushr, called the issue the “disaster of EIP-2025,” while others didn’t quite mince their words either. Ameed Soleimani, CEO of SpankChain and a prominent member within the community, stated that this proposal would create an “externality” of massive proportions, with Ether’s value as a store of value being tarnished. He tweeted,

According to the report, the crux of the issue at hand was the management of funds availed through inflationary pressure. Drawing a parallel with mining rewards, the report stated that unlike the aforementioned rewards which flow to the respective miners, the funds generated through this method would flow to “a separate organization.”

There was even a suggestion to create a DAP in order to distribute the funds to appropriate projects, maintaining transparency throughout.

Eric Conner, a Gnosis Product Researcher, called any consideration of this topic “absolutely absurd.” He tweeted,

Some even questioned whether this proposal was being seriously fronted within the community and the core devs. Udi Wertheimer, a Bitcoin coder and developer, nipped the FUD in the BUD stating,

“Even I know that this proposal has no chance of being accepted.”

Regardless of the truth behind the inflation-funding story, these still are telling and interesting times for the Ethereum community.

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