on becoming famous

On Becoming Famous

So you do want to become famous. Many talented and not so talented people want to get famous and be recognized for their famed talent. Unfortunately, even people with talent don’t become famous because they don’t know the ropes to fame. To get famous not only do you have to grow your network of fans but also learn about how to grow an audience and market your talent to in big forums. AreYouPop is designed to teach you the basics on getting famous. Become popular like sharing your talent with others and compete for attention to your talent.

Growing an audience is the guaranteed easy way for becoming famous. Some other quick and easy ways to become famous are not worth it as this fame is usually short lived. Your audience will share your videos, songs and images among their friends growing your audience even larger. At the beginning you will have to choose a category in which you want to become famous. Singing, dancing, acting, comedy and sports are just a few categories you can obtain fame with your talent. The more you promote your talent and grow an audience, the more chances you’ll have to become famous. But it is important to start with the talent that has more traction. You will soon be recognized by that talent.

To test the waters of fame try finding open forums and open mic nights in your city. It is important to expose your talent locally first. Get some feedback first. No one becomes famous by just singing in front of the family. You need to get out there and show your talent. Once you have been recognized locally, then your fame will increase by performing in other channel and local clubs with open talent night. Take the first steps to be famous, promote your talent.

Recruit your friends to help you promote whatever material you have; songs, videos, jokes, etc. Your family can also help spread the word about your talent and coming up performances. Create a blog, create a facebook page and open a twitter account  to help promote and track your audience and fans. Sign up for areyoupop.com, upload your media talent and get more exposure.