Watch and read all about Fay & Ben’s love story for Free People from the couple themselves:

Our marriage was born out of love, faith, passion and pure randomness.

It all started when we met at our best friend’s wedding and stayed friends for over 7 years. At the end of 2012, we decided to take a road trip cross-country together. I had spent a decade in Los Angeles as a music editor for television and was full of wanderlust. A break from the city life was exactly what I needed to find myself and as scared as I was, I knew it was the right choice. Ben was working as a self-employed woodworker in South Carolina and yearned for adventure. Our goal was to build our friendship and shake all the nonsense out. It was scary to leave what we knew and to explore places unknown but we are so grateful for our decision.

We wanted to know what truly mattered and we discovered it. By the end of our travels, we had fallen in love and are now nearing our one year anniversary.

I’d always wanted to make a difference in the world…mainly focusing on neoabolitionist work and breathing new life into the forgotten. My time away from LA gave me that opportunity. I have recently started a business with Michelle Fergason (my soul sister and best friend) called The Tote Project. It is a creative endeavor to raise awareness about modern day slavery through statement-making tote bags that proudly support freedom. Our mission is to give a voice to the voiceless.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I followed my heart, I would never be doing my best to share my compassion and love with the world. Ben’s main focus was and always will be his love of nature and woodworking. His passion, creativity and kindness will always be an inspiration to me.

As Ben and I look back and think of the times we spent together during our road trip, we remember how much we are the reason are artistic passions truly came to life. Our love and support was the fire that kept us burning and there was so much more we could create if we put our heads together. We are so blessed to be able to inspire each other creatively every single day. Love truly is the fuel of life.

Music by: Daniel Martin Moore

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