A feng shui money lock or “locked phase” refers to the energy residing in the home during a specific period. In feng shui it is known as “Imprisoned Stars”. It means the occupants living in a house will struggle financially. People living in a home during a locked phase will receive money but at the same time have a hard time saving it. Another issue a person can experience is advancing in a job.

How long can a Money Lock last?

A money lock can last for twenty years. There is also an annual locked phase and this repeats the feng shui cycle every nine years. The kicker is, a house can be hit with a double whammy and suffer from a twenty year lock and a one year lock. For example, a house built in 1999 (Period 7) facing northwest is currently in a twenty year lock and it will be in a one year lock in 2019.

How do you determine if your house is in a Money Lock?

A well versed feng shui consultant can let you know whether your home is in a locked phase or if it will be in a locked phase in the future. The downside is that every house will eventually go through a money lock. This is determined by your sitting and facing directions of your home. Once your consultant determines these two directions this information will be revealed in your consultation report.

Feng Shui Cures

If you are in the process of buying a home or renting a house, do not be discouraged if you discover your home is in a locked phase. Please note there are cures that can help you overcome this obstacle by making your home more compatible for you and your family.

If you have been told by your feng shui consultant that your home is in a money lock, the best cure to remedy this situation is a water element. The water element has to be circulating, seen; and the water has to be clean in order for it to be effective. If you do not have these three things in place your water element will not help you. The best place to put a water element in your home will be based on the current era Period.

Do you know someone that seems as if they have all the luck in the world? Perhaps they have a little bit of feng shui working for them.

Source by Denise Borsari