A Pelham Island Pictures production in collaboration with the Wayland Historical Society, Five Miles Astride the River: The Story of Wayland is a 20-minute documentary that explores Wayland’s history through 3 eras of the town’s development: colonial, industrial, and post-World War II. Through archival photographs and interviews with Wayland historians, the film traces the thread of Wayland’s development from its founding as a small colonial community to its transformation into a modern suburb. The film presents a compelling account of the town’s past and explores how broader historical trends are manifested in local history.

Five Miles Astride The River was written, directed, and produced by Zander Cowen and Jacob Sussman, co-founders of film production company, Pelham Island Pictures. The film features the local historians Peter Shaw, Ken Sawyer, Evelyn Wolfson, Jane and Tom Sciacca, Gretchen Schuler, Mary Fuhrer, Rick Conard, Kevin Delaney, Lisa Vernegaard, and Dick Hoyt.

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