Pracilla Alejandro

Pracilla Alejandro

Parents and the student body saw chaos go down in the parent drop-off lane Wednesday morning at Liberty Park Elementary School in Greenacres, Florida.

According to police report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy encountered an injured school district police officer.

The cop, Dones Colon, said that she had been directing morning traffic away from the crosswalk. The drivers all complied, except for one. A woman, later identified as Pracilla Alejandro, became “agitated” when asked to move her 2005 beige Mercury sedan closer to the curb.

Colon then told the mom, who had her daughter in the back seat, to “cool her jets,” according to the complaint.

Things escalated quickly after that, Colon told the deputy, and Alejandro told her, “I have to take my kid to school. You’re not a real cop.”

When Colon asked for Alejandro’s license and registration, the mom refused, telling her, “I’m not going to give you anything.”

The 29-year-old mom then continued her “verbal assault in a highly agitated and aggressive tone.”

The report says that Alejandro put her foot on the accelerator with Colon still partially in the vehicle, dragging the woman about 20 feet. When the car came to a stop, the officer pepper sprayed Alejandro, and she was taken into custody.

Colon suffered cuts to her right arm and a bruise to her right shin.

Alejandro was booked into Palm Beach County Jail on charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence. She remains behind bars on $4,000 bail. It is unclear who is watching her daughter

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