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Gun safety tips you need to know

License To Carry Instructor Cassie Shockey talks about gun safety tips.

License To Carry Instructor Cassie Shockey talks about gun safety tips.

When an “irate” mother saw video of her 13-year-old daughter being jumped, she went to her bus stop to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. She had a gun in her purse to ensure that, police said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Riviera Beach officer caught up with the mother, 40-year-old Pauline Brown, outside of a home after being called to an armed disturbance, police said.

Brown told the officer that she was at the bus stop with her daughter to make sure nobody jumped her daughter again. She then showed her a video of a fight that happened on Monday between her daughter and another girl.

The officer said that Brown told her she took out a gun from her bag because she believed the other teens at the bus stop had weapons.

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Riviera Beach police charged 40-year-old Pauline Brown with pointing a gun at a 10-year-old girl while Brown tried to make the girl’s sister fight her daughter. Brown says her daughter was jumped and she wants a “one on one.”

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

The story changed when Brown spoke to a different officer later, police said. In her new narrative she said she never pulled a gun from her bag.

When an officer spoke to a 10-year-old girl who was at the bus stop, the girl was “very emotional, crying and hyperventilating.”

The girl told the officer that she was walking toward her 13-year-old sister’s bus stop to meet her after school when she saw a woman in light pink shorts shouting and screaming at her and her sister.

The woman, identified as Brown, was trying to get the 10-year-old’s sister to fight her daughter because Brown thought that several people “jumped” her daughter, police said.

Police said the young girl heard Brown shout, “One on one, it’s gonna be one on one.”

Then Brown pulled a black an silver gun from her floral bag and yelled, “I’m-a shoot anybody who try to jump in, try it!”

The 10-year-old said Brown pointed the gun directly at her and aimed at her chest, saying she’ll shoot her and “I don’t play ‘bout mine.”

The girl said she was angry and scared. She continued to say that Brown had pointed the gun at many children who ran as they saw her pull it out.

After Brown was put in handcuffs, the mother changed her story again, saying that she only took her gun out in her car, police said.

Brown is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm and was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond on Wednesday.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Brown has been a food assistant at Jupiter Middle School since 2014.

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