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Deputies arrested a skateboarder who was causing a ruckus at a Vero Beach mall.

They came to the mall Tuesaday on a disturbance call and made contact with Patrick Thompson, 23.

The suspect told deputies that he was unaware that skateboarding wasn’t allowed inside the Indian River Mall, but was chastised by a security guard.

Thompson said after dismounting his board, the guard who he referred to as “Paul Blart” — after the 2009 Kevin James comedy of the same name — told him, “You’re going to jail, punk.”

The mall cop, Sean Pisanelli, had a different story: He told Indian River County deputies that the young man had been “swearing” and causing a scene outside the food court. Several families with children were at the court, the report noted. One mother looked “disgusted,” read the arrest affidavit.

When a mother and child walked by during the deputies’ conversation with Thompson, he uttered the F-word, added the complaint.

The skateboarder was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing, and booked into the county jail on $1,000 bond.

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