Do you want to know some tips about how to have a full body detox? Surely, it would feel great to have a clean and fresh body from the inside out! Experts agree that, in order to be optimally healthy, one has to go through a seasonal detox. A regular full body detox will rid your mind and body of toxins. It will be great for weight loss as well because it speeds up your metabolism. Your general health will improve if you detoxify from time to time. How do you start with that effective health practice? Do so by reducing the amount of sugar that you consume, including molasses, honey and artificial sweeteners.

Your body will have an excessive supply of insulin if you take in more sugars. It puts a strain in your pancreas and will wear yourself out. If this goes on for the long term and without a body detox, you could develop symptoms of chronic fatigue. It increases your risks for developing diabetes and cancer. More so, you’ll be packing on a lot of weight. Here are other tips about how to have a full body detox:

  • Start your day by drinking water. In the morning, first thing when you wake up, drink a tall glass of water mixed with juice of half a slice of a lemon. Lemon in your water rehydrates your system. Your digestion will function better as well, preventing constipation.
  • Exercise regularly and move your body. This promotes better blood circulation and a better functioning of your lymph system. Your digestion will work better and it relieves you of tension. Getting physically active also strengthens your body and lubricates your joints. If you exercise regularly, you’ll be harboring less toxins in your body.
  • Drink plenty of tea. Tea is full of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Other than the fact that it tastes good, it makes you feel satiated too. You’ll do away with the habit of overeating if you’re a regular tea-drinker. In fact, it helps you develop the habit of healthy eating. Caffeine found in tea is more gentle on your system that caffeine found in coffee. Note that these two are not alike. Tea caffeine perks you up without making you feel nervous.
  • Include organic foods in your diet. Try reconfiguring your diet wherein the main focus should be fruits and veggies. Eat whole grains, legumes, beans and nuts and seeds along with it. Instead of eating processed foods, consume whole plant foods. Processed foods are deficient in nutrients that are needed by your body while dark green veggies are packed with micronutrients yet are low in calories.
  • Stay away from and combat pollutants in the environment. You’re basically surrounded by allergens and pollutants so you have to protect yourself. Air allergens, for instance causes symptoms of red, puffy eyes and nasal congestion. Use a Neti pot to flush your nasal passages so that you get rid of the side effects of pollutants in the air. Before you go to sleep, use a Neti pot so that you’ll sleep better. You’ll want to breathe freely naturally in your daily ongoings.
  • Sweat out the toxins in a sauna. Regularly use a sauna to detoxify. That is, detoxify by inducing sweat.
  • Exfoliate your skin. Brush your skin for exfoliation and go to the spa for an oil massage. It refreshes your circulation and removes toxins from your skin.

It’s easy to practice these techniques about how to have a full body detox, but aren’t they fun and effective!

Source by Walter H Menuet