We’ve all heard of KISS. They were perhaps one of the most notorious rock bands of the 1970s with such hits as ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’.

Bear with me here as we are going somewhere with this. The former frontman of the infamous rock band, Gene Simmons has been speaking with Anthony Pompliano about Bitcoin.

Simmons may be known to promote many things but he doesn’t seem to go near anything until he has an ‘emotional connection’ to it, as he once told CNBC. The rumours suggest that Bitcoin is near death and apparently the leading cryptocurrency is quite important to Simmons with the crypto winter not pushing him away.

Simmons was just one of the attendees at a recent crypto event for family offices, so basically wealthy investors. According to Forbes, Simmon’s net worth comes in at around $380 million so he must have been pretty comfortable sitting in the room.

Pompliano (Pomp) was one of the speakers at the event and he seemingly hung out with Simmons ‘backstage’ in Los Angeles.

If Pomp’s Twitter is anything to go by, Simmons said the following:

KISS Nation

Now like we say, KISS are one of the biggest rock bands of all time and its hard to avoid their distinctive on-stage image with their iconic black and white makeup. And with just under seven million monthly listeners on Spotify, most of which are probably super fans of the band, Simmons could be unintentionally paving the way for Bitcoin adoption.

Not that we’re complaining!

Of course, Simmons is best known for being one of the biggest rockers of all time, but he is so much more than that. Outside of KISS, the singer is also a businessman and entrepreneur. CNBC reported in the past that the brand of KISS has generated around “$3 billion worth of ancillary revenue,” but we’re sure that the tax man will take a nice slice of that.

That didn’t bode well with Simmons though. When speaking to Forbes, he said that he is a capitalist but at the time he had a big problem with capitalism in America.

“I believe in supply and demand. I don’t believe the government should stick there noses into the rise and fall of the economy.”

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the KISS bassist was attracted to the idea of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

The band has always been against centralisation. The very nature of the band suggests this as even before crypto was a thing, the band spread the message to their fans saying:

“Everywhere around the world we try to tell people there are no borders, no prime ministers, no presidents; there’s only one nation, Kiss Nation. There’s only one rock and roll national anthem – “Rock N Roll All Night, Party Every Day.”

Of course, this could just be taken as good showmanship but we like to think they were thinking of the bigger picture.

Simmons & Bitcoin

Both Simmons and Bitcoin go back a bit. In 2017, he noticed the uncorrelated nature of BTC with other asset classes and expressed an interest in it as “a piece of the [investment] puzzle.”

Simmons is probably one of the richest rockstars in the world so he could spend his time and money on whatever he wants but he chooses to get involved with cryptocurrency. During the last bull run, Simmon’s even said that he would be interested in collaborating for something dubbed KISS coin.

Rock ‘n’ roll Gene, rock ‘n’ roll.


Before all music came into the picture, Pomp spoke in front of some of the wealthiest families in the world about Bitcoin and how it works as an asset.

During a symposium, Pomp spoke on cryptocurrencies to a lot of families, including Simmons, on how the world could be ready to invest in the most popular digital asset.

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