The Global Bench Top Press (GBP) is a budget priced membrane press designed without compromising quality and provides the answer for an easy to use vacuum press at an affordable price. The system was developed to give you absolute precision with only modest investment.
The extremely durable compact press board (HPL) with an area of 100 x 60 cm, the ease of use, the space-saving design and its high versatility at an affordable price making it ideal for educational institutions and instrument makers where space may be at a premium. Woodwork restoration, creative designers and architects could also benefit from the unlimited possibilities that a vacuum membrane press gives you.
Take advantage of Global’s Bench Top Press which will provide you with an ideal solution for woodworking, veneering, laminating and bending all kinds of wood, and also the thermoforming of acrylic solid surface materials, thermoplastics and similar composite materials. The Bench Top Press is the unique way to achieve professional results with minimum effort and maximum efficiency – a true step forward in vacuum press technology!

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