There was a time that I was grossly overweight. I was totally fat and sloppy and had a really bad attitude because of my weight. I knew I needed to do something to get my weight under control but I was overwhelmed by all the choices available. Then I found green tea and my life changed.

It was simple to follow

All I had to do was drink 4 to 6 cups of tea a day. However I was too busy for this and so I opted for a high quality green tea supplement. I still drank the brewed tea but the supplement made sure I got enough of the tea extract on a daily basis.

It was completely natural

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a high quality green tea supplement was that it was completely natural. Unlike so many of these diet programs that contain one kind of chemical or another, this option is natural and free from any harmful side effects.

It started working from day one

From the day I started drinking green tea and taking the supplements I immediately noticed a difference in my first week. I actually started losing weight and in fact I lost 18 pounds within my first 30 days. But even more interesting I also notice that my energy level had increased a lot and my mental attitude improved too. I was calmer and was sleeping much better at nights also.

Some other benefits to consider

Surprisingly according to my last check up my blood sugar levels had normalized and my cholesterol levels had dropped. So not only do I look much better physically, I’m also getting some great health perks too.

Source by Kate Bentley