Many people have discovered that they can take advantage of green tea extract now without having to endure what for some, can be an acquired taste.

Did you know people are taking green tea extract as an aid to weight loss?

Scientific research shows us that this herbal supplement can actually help the body get rid of excess fat by revving up the its metabolic rate, the energy burning process.

Metabolism is a chemical process carried out by the body that creates the energy you need to live. Increasing the metabolic rate requires means more fuel is required to be burned and this is where the body will usually draw on its fat reserves to enable the process, this is how your overall weight is reduced.

Green tea extract is available in tablet or liquid form and serves as a supplement that will aid in your weight loss, it suppresses the appetite and tricks the brain into thinking you are full thus decreasing food intake.

The end result, as desired is of course, is achievement of weight loss. But naturally this only happens as part of an overall effective weight loss program. You still need to eat healthily and take regular exercise.

Personally I prefer drinking green tea as it was meant to be and enjoying it that way! But if you do not like the taste then this is a good way to still take advantage of the health benefits.

One word of caution regarding green tea however, it does contain caffeine and as with coffee you should keep an eye on how much you consume. However, like coffee there are decaffeinated versions of green tea available too.

Green tea extract is now one of the most popular and widely accessible herbal supplements. You will find it easily at your local supermarket, in addition, green tea extracts are currently used in a variety of different energy drinks that can be picked up in any convenience store or gas station.

Source by Trevor Sadowski