It’s essentially the catechins present in unfermented tea leaves, a sub-class offlavonoids, which are group of highly potent anti-oxidants and complex organic molecules that are believed to be the key behind why consuming green tea regularly, instructs weight loss and inhibits the adsorption of fats.

There is still much debate as to really how effective green tea is at instructing weight loss, but studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are just the latest findings which clearly purport that the catechins present in the fermented leaf, have a definite effect on your metabolic rate, resulting in your ability to burn fat stores faster and also reduce the amount of fat being digested, comparable to results Xenical delivers, the prescription weight loss pill sold in the U.S.

What should be noted though is that some of the best green tea weight loss supplements are not simply the dried catechins from one leaf, but a combination of compounds extracted from different tea plants, that display similar fat burning qualities, and when combined together, it’s their synergistic effect that proves most powerful

Oolong Tea:

Oolong is a very different kind of tea due to its extraction process.

The leaves are delicately picked and then left to oxidize for a number of days, where their cell structure remains intact.

Latest results from the United States Agriculture Research Services’ Diet and Human Laboratory, while inconclusive in empirical fact, clearly showed that of 12 participants from 24 that were given full strength Oolong tea with water, expended at least 3% more energy over a 24 hour period and lost on average 67 more calories than those that just drank water.

The secret at first doesn’t appear too difficult to crack. The natural caffeine present in this extraction process appears to be at the heart of the fat burning process.

However, while green tea under scientific examination contains more caffeine than Oolong tea, it in fact inflicts a higher rate of fat oxidation than Green tea, and the answer to this is now argued to lie in the polymerized polyphenols present in the Oolong leaf.

Green tea might contain more caffeine and EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), but it’s the polymerized polyphenols that are forcing the body to burn more fat and in turn expend more energy.

Bottom line:

By combining Green tea with Oolong and other additional fat burning compounds present in certain tea leaves such as the Pu-reh tea, and also Ketones extracted from the raspberry which are claimed by some medical celebrities in the West to literally shrink fat cells – it’s the synergistic qualities from combining a mixture of 100% natural fat burning ingredients that proves most effective.

Source by Richard R Michaels