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The Groove Box is a solid little box that caters for a multitude of musical styles. It’s perfect for children to get into percussion or for use as a serious hand percussion instrument. It could handle the road trip, the party jams, and the kids jumping all over it and still make it back to the studio for that recording session.
One tapa surface has a double snare that is snappy and lively, when flipped over, the opposing surface is divided so that different sections produce higher and lower sounds. It’s a matter of getting your hands on one and seeing what you can do with it! We have heard it dubbed the Tablajon, or the Cajonito, but we call it the Groove Box.
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Tukituki Instruments is based in Wellington, New Zealand. We combine quality materials with top notch woodworking techniques, and years of experience in the field of music, to create unique and professional sounding musical instruments downunder.
The Cajón (Pronounced ‘kah-Hon’), a wooden percussion instrument originating in Perú, now popular around the world.

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