The long-awaited Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online casino will finally open its doors on July 23 and feature poker, horseracing, table games and more.

GTA Online casino

GTA Online will launch its virtual casino on July 23 according to a recent announcement. (Image: HypeBeast)

Described as a “luxury casino & resort in the heart of Vinewood,” the in-game update will introduce betting to GTA Online for the first time.

Moreover, although the July 18 announcement didn’t say whether credits could be purchased for real money, the casino could create nice crossover within the gaming industry.

Multi-Entertainment Gaming Resort

As per the press and video updates (see below), the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos will be a multilayered venue. Horseracing will be handled by something known as Inside Track and offer a “perfect simulation” of the sport of kings.

Alongside horseracing, GTA players can play a variety of table games, including poker. Finally, for high rollers, in-game upgrades will allow players to purchase a penthouse suite within the casino complex.

The GTA Online update will also introduce a “casino store.” Like many modern video games, the store allows players to purchase exclusive items and trinkets to enhance their experience.

For fans of the GTA franchise, the launch date has been eagerly anticipated. The casino has been visible inside the game for many years but players have never been able to access it.

Finally, after much speculation, GTA developer Rockstar Games made an announcement in June. The reaction was positive and Diamond Casino & Resort will start accepting virtual bets next week.

What will be interesting for poker players to track is the evolution of the casino store. Another of Rockstar’s game, Red Dead Redemption also features poker but players aren’t able to play for real money.

GTA is likely to follow the same system. However, that could change that if the developers can find a legal way to sell chips inside the store.

GTA Online Could Boost Real Money Gaming Economy

While traditional real money gaming is unlikely, there may be a way to some type of cash-based dynamic. For example, if players were able to purchase extra chips via the store, it would give them sort of real-world value.

Irrespective of whether GTA Online players can wager real money or not, the update could have a positive impact on all aspects of the betting industry.

The links between video games and poker have become more established over the last decade and this innovation will only strengthen them.

Beyond that, the inclusion of horseracing and table games will expose gamers to new forms of entertainment. This could lead to more people making a move to real money casino and sports betting.

For now, GTA players will treat the update as nothing more than a game. However, in the coming years, the virtual resort could have a real impact on this side of the industry.

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