How to brew dragon well & how long to steep dragon well
Dragon Well tea should be brewed at approx. 170 F (70-75 C) for about 3 minutes. If you prefer a stronger taste, you can either extend the brewing time or add more than 2 grams in a standard tea cup. This is an optimal process for the best infusion while not breaking down essential ingredients that degrade with the temperatures approaching the boiling point. It's worth knowing that Dragon Well tea can be brewed up to 3 times and each time the aroma and texture will differ, offering a unique taste. It should also be noted that traditionally, this tea was prepared in Yixing clay teapots, but modern porcelain or glassware are most commonly used these days. Once the leaves have been properly steeped, the bright yellow color of the tea should indicate that it is ready for consumption.

The exact steps for preparing Dragon Well tea:
• Heat up the water close to a boiling point
• Take a class and fill it approx. 1/3. This will preheat and sterilize the cup at the same time
• Take about 2 grams of leaves and put them into a tea holder (or if you plan to filter it later directly into the water)
• Pour the rest of the water and gently shake the glass
• Leave it to steep for about 2-3 minutes, longer for a stronger taste
• Filter it and enjoy

How to buy Dragon Well?
When buying Dragon Well tea, look for the supplier that provides the exact area where the tea was produced. Also note that there are six quality grades and they vary quite drastically in the color, taste, and texture. A good indicator of the quality can be seen in the inferred leaves and the highest grade Dragon Well tea is characterized by the uniformity and maturity of the tender leaves, which should have a light green color. The lower you get on the quality scale, the color of the infused leaf turns towards bluish specter and the tea itself is more of a greenish color due to excess chlorophyll in the leaves.

How to store Dragon Well
When it comes to storing Dragon Well tea, it is very important to preserve the delicate and exquisite taste. This entails using a proper tea canister which ideally should be opaque, have an airtight lid and prevent other odors getting in contact with the tea leaves. The second thing worth paying attention to is preventing any time of moisture entering the canister. Moisture is the single greatest enemy of Dragon Well tea and it causes oxidization and may even cause mold. Also, keep it away from sunlight as it can degrade the quality of the tea.

Source by Karina Garcia