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The license of Delray Beach doctor Arman Abovyan got hit with an emergency suspension order (ESO) Wednesday, almost eight months after Abovyan got sentenced for his part in the $5.5 million Reflections Treatment Center fraud.

Abovyan was convicted of seven counts of unlawful dispensing of buprenorphine, one count of conspiracy to possess, distribute and dispense controlled substances and attempt and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. He’s scheduled to be a resident of the low security Federal Correctional Institute Miami until at least Mar. 29, 2027. Abovyan, whose Boca Raton home is on the market for $675,000 according to this Coldwell Banker online listing, also got hit with $1,058,097.88 restitution.

He’s filed an appeal of his conviction.

Reflections was one of several supposed-to-be sober homes run as a shadow sultan by Kenneth Chatman. Chatman’s a guest of the federal government until 2040 after investigators uncovered the fraud, sex trafficking and money laundering at his treatment centers.

According to the guilty plea of Chatman fraud mechanic Tina Barbuto, a licensed mental health counselor who plead guilty to the mail fraud charge after being indicted with Abovyan, Abovyan played a key role of ordering tests and gaining drugs as a medical director.

“Abovyan was paid a monthly salary (about $11,667, according to Abovyan’s court filings) and in return ordered drug testing for the treatment center patients, regardless whether such testing was medically necessary or conducted and billed in compliance with the terms of insurance plans,” Barbuto’s statement read.

Barbuto says she knew Abovyan used pre-signed prescriptions, other doctors’ DEA numbers and forged signatures to get buprenorphine.

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