So you’ve made it to the end of your lemon detox diet – I hope that you feel amazing and are in a completely different mindset.

Has your attitude to food changed? Are you looking forward to a healthy, fresh start where you can continue on this path?

I do hope so! After all, it’s quite a challenge and if you can do that, then you can do just about anything!

So let’s get you off liquids and back on to solids again. Having given your digestive system the rest it needed to focus its energy on detoxing your body for the past 10 (or however many) days, it’s important to now reintroduce food back into your diet…..slowly!

Your body needs to adjust and if you suddenly start eating normally again there is a very good chance that you will be quite sick.

The first day after your detox has finished, introduce some fruit juice – preferably something like freshly squeezed orange. You no longer need to drink the detox drink but still drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

In the afternoon, make up some homemade vegetable soup. Just pop the chopped veggies of your choice into some stock and let is simmer away. Add some seasoning and some fresh herbs and it will taste wonderful.

If you feel you could manage something substantial, liquidise some soup and have it as your evening meal. If your tummy is still adjusting to the addition of fresh orange and you feel a little delicate, don’t liquidize the soup, just have some of the broth.

Over the next couple of days make sure that you do start to eat the veggies as lumps and introduce some fruit, raw vegetables and salads.

You may think that you’ll have a hankering for a cheeseburger but it’s highly unlikely. Once your body has passed all of the toxins from processed food, you really do just crave healthy food. The kinda stuff that nature intended for us, before convenience food was invented!

You’ll find that the weight you have lost will probably drop a bit more and then stabilize for a while. Continue on your new healthy course and it will start to decrease again.

If you are already at your ideal weight then your body will naturally stay at that weight and any weight you lost on the detox will naturally return.

After this it’s your choice whether to detox again but once you’ve done it once I can almost guarantee you’ll be planning your next one. Don’t do it too often, 3 -4 times a year at the most is enough to keep you in tip top condition!

Source by Nikki Backshall