An ideal raw foods detox program means that you eat a diet based exclusively on fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables. You can eat all kinds of fresh fruit, all kinds of fresh vegetables, all kinds of freshly made (not pasteurized) juices, all types of sprouts, dried fruit, all herbal teas and small amounts of cold pressed oils such as olive oil, flax seed oil or hemp seed oil.

There is a difference between a standard raw vegetarian diet and a raw detox one and it's an important one. During a program of raw detox you do not eat any nuts and seeds because of how they slow down the digestive process. The only kind of seed that is acceptable during a raw food detox is flax seed powder. The high fiber found in flax actually does support easy bowel evacuation. Adding flax can be beneficial to your program.

What I've described above is the standard way to go about detoxing with raw foods. There are three other ways as well. First, you can consume only freshly squeezed juices for a certain period of time. Second, you can try monoeating – this involves eating only one food (usually watermelon, or sometimes grapes) at a time for a few days. Finally you could go with a blended diet based only on fresh raw food soups and smoothies. These 3 varieties are usually best left for people trying their second raw food detox.

How long to stay on a raw detoxification program depends on your lifestyle, health and age. You need to consider all of them before diving into any thing. And in fact, if you are particularly unhealthy or have a serious disease, you should really talk to a competent doctor before proceeding on any kind of a detox program.

My personal experiences have shown me that juice detoxing is fine for most people from 1-7 days. A blended food approach is great for up to 21 days and a regular raw food detox is fine for a month or so. These are just general rules and you may want to modify them to fit in with your own schedule.

Before going any further, consider one final thing. Creating great health through a raw food detox takes time. It's not a magic overnight solution to all your problems. Many people expect it to be so, but you've got to be prepared to put in the work with diligence and persistence. If you do, you'll be rewarded.

Source by Mark A Ament