Our sensitive body is subjected to external factors which are not always fully conducive to its normal functioning. Everyone must have occasionally experienced sudden shortfall of physical strength and/or level of energy. One would also attempt to boost energy level by drinking coffee or lighting a cigarette, which may seem to work. Unfortunately, it is only for the time being. The remedy used is only going to aggravate the problem as one is only pumping toxins inside his body.

As the modern times have imposed big goals and aims to succeed at all costs, which debars one from the luxury to relax even for a day? Hence instant remedy to reactivate oneself immediately is the need of the hour, even though it may prove to be counter-productive in near future. Caffeine, cigarettes and drugs may ease you temporarily, but it is also sowing the beans for problems relating to health.

The artificial stimulants are only carriers of substances called toxins having dangerous effects on our bodies. The regular intake of the stimulants only increases the level of toxins. Exogenous toxins arise from external sources, as from fumes of car or smoke from cigarette, etc pollute the atmosphere. Viral or bacterial infection yield endogenous toxins. Autogenous toxins are produce of our own system and which keep staying on inside our body.

The toxins can be eradicated from our body with the help of a process. The body can be cleansed of all the harmful toxins by detoxification. Liver and kidneys can naturally perform this process. The natural process of detoxification cleans the toxins in our blood and body fat. This process is naturally activated when one is sleeping and the body is at rest. The toxins accumulated inside our body are flushed out by this process.

Removal of all the toxins cannot be possible only by natural process of detoxification. A complete natural diet is imperative for proper detoxification Fruits and vegetables can be the ideal diet for detoxification. The effectiveness of the detoxification process demands major changes regarding consumption habits along with abstaining from unhealthy food. The toxins can only be eliminated from one’s body, if we tend to change our habits.

Detoxification can be made more effective if the habitual consumption is replaced by alternatives which are healthier, even though kicking the habit of drinking coffee and smoking is not easy.

Grabbing a carrot and nibbling it is better than lighting a cigarette, because the latter accumulates toxins apart from other serious health hazards.

Caffeine is the ingredient in coffee which boosts energy levels. But, the coffee has other ingredients which not only aids toxin buildup along with discomfort in the stomach. This is the reason the Japanese or Chinese green tea is a better substitute even though caffeine too is present naturally.

Brown sugar is a healthier alternative to refined white sugar, which again builds up toxin levels Sugar cane being more natural is the preferred energizing drink and can substitute natural fruit juices.

The diet pills taken by athletes contain the risky toxins and hence should be replaced by fruit juices.

Fish meat should replace red meat, if the detoxification by natural process is preferred.

We have presented alternatives which are healthier than the habitually consumed toxin-laden eatables and beverages. The healthier alternatives would aid detoxification naturally.

Source by Irene M. Soliz