As you may now tea is very healthy it contains a lot of water and that is just what you need when it come to losing weight.

I haven’t count it but I think there are hundreds and even thousand kinds of tea.
You already have a tea for every piece of fruit out there

But in the next paragraphs I would like to introduce you to the king of weight loss teas. Green tea. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of green tea first.

There is even called a diet to the tea, the Green tea diet.

Health effects of Green tea.

– Green tea is helpful for weight loss in general and especially for bad cholesterol.

– Combined with exercises it improves the metabolic rate

– Green tea is helpful for the five vital organs of your body

– Some studies have found out that green tea is effective to prevent diabetic.

– Increases HDL (good)-cholesterol levels

– It reduces blood pressure

– Green tea helps burning extra calories

The history of Green tea

The tea finds his origin in Asia (China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and others) and the middle east but it becomes more and more popular in the western countries.

– For more than 5000 years people are drinking tea the first consumers of it were the Chinese and the Indian people. In countries such as Japan, China, Thailand and Japan tea was a medicine in the first place. But only for the rich people, tea was a very expensive products in these time.

– In 1191 Zen pries Eisi wrote already about the healthy effects on green tea, he was one of the first persons realizing that Green tea can have a very healthy effect on the heart and of course it is very effective for the other for vital organs of our body.

Kinds of Green teas.

Chinese green tea. According to some sources the Chinese green tea and tea in general has the most variations.

These five provinces are the most well known when it comes to Green tea

Zhejiang Province

Hubei Province

Henan Province

Jiangsu Province

Jiangxi Province

Anhui Province

Japanese Green tea or Ryokucha is so famous in Japan that they simply call it tea and even Japanese tea

There is a lot of difference in price and quality between the different types of Japanese green tea. Tea is graduated by witch parts of the plants are used and the quantity of the plant.

If you may believe the main tea drinkers – and I see now reasons why we shouldn’t – the best green tea can be found in Uji region Tokyo.

You have read this article and are realizing that green tea is a very effective drink in your battle to lose weight.

Give it a try there is nothing more healthier than a couple cups of tea in a day.

Source by Frederik Smith