I am making the picture frame out of One and half inch Oak. I had already ripped the Oak board I bought down to the right dimensions, so now I can get into how I build a picture frame.
From the original blog post at http://www.thewooddaddy.co.uk/2015/how-i-make-a-picture-frame/

The steps I go through to make the picture frame are…
Rough cutting the Oak to length
Setting up the sliding compound mitre saw accuratly to cut 45%
Test cutting the mitres and checking the cut is accurate
Cutting the frame piece to length exactly
Using the shop made picture frame glue up jig to glue up
Cutting the and fitting splines using another shop made jig
Routing out the rebate for the picture, acrylic and backboard to sit in
Sanding off using the random orbital sander
Fitting the clips on the back to hold everything in

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