For centuries of years white tea remained a health secret of the Chinese. Recently researchers have uncovered a fat fighting capacity of certain compounds in this tea, which is less processed than green or black tea. Researchers with the German personal care products firm Beiersdorf AG discovered that particular compounds in white tea prevent new fat cells within the adipose tissue of the body from forming and even assist to melt away mature fat cells. Human fat tissues were grown within a laboratory and were treated with tea extracts. The scientists found the fat content in the cells reduced following the treatment and are enthusiastic about new weight reduction treatments for humans which could make use of the active ingredients within white tea. "We have demonstrated that white tea may be an ideal natural source of slimming substances." says Mr. Winnefield who helped to conduct the analysis. Tea is additionally considered to boost metabolism within the body through thermogenesis and boost the rate at which calories are burned up.

Another ally in the battle against fat

White tea can help to aid fat loss in other ways also. Drinking tea really helps to calm the mind and lower stress. Just one cup of warm tea is sufficient to distract the mind from the stresses of every day life. This is very important to any dieter because stress makes you crave and seek out more food, especially processed, carbohydrate heavy foods which bring instant comfort. The high water content of tea also may help bring satiety preventing people from overeating. Numerous research indicates how increased intake of water can help people reduce calorie consumption and slim down. So drinking multiple servings of tea daily (around six to eight) will fill you up quicker and help you decrease your food intake. If you are not yet a tea fan, consider weight reduction a reason to begin drinking this healthy beverage. It is best not to add a lot of sugar in your tea. Attempt to add a healthy natural sweetener for example honey or squeeze in some lime juice for a tangy zing.

Other benefits of drinking tea

White tea is made of the very first buds and leaves utilized to create black and green tea. Aside from aid weight-loss this tea also may help to maintain clear skin and protect against cancer cells because of its high concentration of toxin fighting antioxidants.

Source by Shazam Moh