HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – The number of depressions in the ground a Hudson’s Lakeside Woodlands neighborhood has more than doubled.

That has neighbors nervous with some of the holes
continuing to grow.        

Dozens of additional flags mark the locations of 76 depressions under and around Willow Brook Court and a retention pond.

That’s up from 36, during the last count. “I’m devastated
over it. And I’m hoping my home isn’t one of them” said neighbor, Barbara Badali.

County engineers believe some of these depressions are
sinkholes, with some of them still growing.

It’s all putting neighbors on edge. “I moved here in April
and now it’s pretty scary. We don’t know what to do at this point” said Susan Digiorgi.

A part of Willow Brook Court remains closed, with concerns
about a void or hollow spot under the roadway.

While many neighbors just hope it will all stop, there are
those who have a “come what may” attitude. “It’s nature.  When you build on things like this, it’s
gonna happen” said Kellye Shaw.

Engineers are convinced, the depressions are following the line of the underground cave system and above ground, the worry is real.

“I’m in my yard morning, noon and night. Yes…no sinkholes” said Barbara Badali.

With many of these holes active and growing, Pasco County Emergency
Management is warning people to stay away. So far, no homes are in danger.

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