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Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Amid Hurricane Dorian watch over Labor Day weekend, many Floridians ventured out, curious as to what kind of weather the storm would bring.

But once you’re outside of the relative safety of your residence, all bets are off, with a huge storm stalling roughly 200 miles away in the Bahamas.

Two people found that out the hard way.

Among the videos making the rounds is of a man and woman on Palm Beach County’s Singer Island, standing precipitously on the jetty there in front of the Marriott’s Ocean Point Resort.

The woman and man are dressed casually in shorts, and stroll toward the thrashing sea, waves crashing violently onto the jetty.

“Whoa! They’re crazy,” says a man, off camera in the video, shot by David Wallis, and posted on Monday by James Wieland, meteorologist at NBC NewsChannel5 and Fox29 in West Palm Beach.

Next thing you know, huge waves smash into the two of them. The man goes tumbling back, disappearing briefly into the ocean, while the woman holds onto the ropes for dear life.

“Uh oh. Uh oh. Hold on, tight!” says the off camera man.

“Billy, my sandal!” screams the woman to the man who emerges from the surf, looking shell-shocked, but miraculously with his cellphone still in hand.

“They must be tourists,” says the shooter. “It looks like he’s going to be all right, though.”

Commenters on Wieland’s post couldn’t believe those people were out there in the first place.

“Confused… Why are people out there?”

“Sad example of non-thinking humans.”

“No common sense!”

“The ocean looks beautiful, but I would keep a safe distance from the shore if possible.”

“Darwin award nominees.”

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