The Hustler Casino in Los Angeles is rewarding its most loyal poker players with a $50,000 freeroll tournament.

For any poker player that logs at least 40 hours of play in the poker room between Friday, July 19 and Thursday, September 5, they will automatically qualify for the Poker Players Appreciation Freeroll Tournament on September 7 at noon.

Of the $50,000 prize pool, $20,000 of it will be awarded to the winner. Starting stacks will vary based on how many hours are logged.

Players who have played at least 40 hours, will receive 1,000 in tournament chips. Once they hit 80 hours, it is upped to 1,500. At 120 hours, players start with 2,000 and at 160 hours they will start the tournament with 3,000 in chips. For anybody that registers 200 hours or more, they will start with the absolute max – 4,000 in tournament chips.

After listening to player feedback, the tournament will once again be held in the beautiful Crystal Room.

Playing in cash games at Hustler Casino is the only way to accumulate hours for the tournament. If you played in the Larry Flynt Grand Slam of Poker Tournament, however, you will receive 10 hours, regardless of how long you played in the event.

Players can register for the event starting at 11 a.m. the morning of the tournament. They will close registration at 1 p.m. There is a $10 entry fee.




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