Mike Postle doesn’t need to cheat because he’s “one of the best” poker players in the world, and he’s willing to “play anyone heads-up.” Or, so he said on Mike Matusow’s podcast.

Mike Postle cheating poker

Mike Matusow is one of the best poker players ever. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. (Image: YouTube/Andreas Froehli)

The accused Stones Live cheater denied the allegations brought forth by poker player Veronica Brill. But it appears he did little to repair his reputation. Few on Poker Twitter buy his story.

Mike Postle Didn’t Do Himself Any Favors

Mike Postle couldn’t just disappear and hope this story fades. As CardsChat wrote, he owed the poker community an explanation. So, conducting a public interview may have been a smart idea. But it doesn’t appear many, if anyone, have changed their opinions of him based on the conversation with Mike Matusow.

Postle made some claims that many felt were outlandish. He claims to have been one of the “biggest winners on Ultimate Bet” before the poker site was shut down for the DOJ in April 2011. But he didn’t disclose his screen name and since accurate UB player stats aren’t available, there is no way to verify that statement.

He also said that he is one of the “best players in the world.” And he will challenge anyone to a game of heads-up poker, “once this is all over.” Postle specifically called out Doug Polk, but it doesn’t appear that match will ever happen.

Postle did little in the interview to help his case. He didn’t explain how he’s able to make such difficult river decisions while playing on the Stones Live stream. And Matusow, who claims he was attempting to be neutral, didn’t press his guest with hard-hitting follow-up questions.

Questions Remain Unanswered

Mike Postle still hasn’t given an explanation for his outrageous win-rate and ability to consistently make the correct decision on the river during Stones Live streams. Until that happens, he likely won’t change the minds of his detractors who believe he is one of poker’s most notorious cheaters ever.

Postle’s told Matusow on “The Mouthpiece” podcast his live-stream stats that are being floated around social media are inaccurate. He claims to have won far less than what has been reported – an estimated $275,000. He says that Stones inflates chip stacks.

Even if that were the case, he still didn’t explain to listeners how it’s possible that he almost never makes an incorrect decision on the river. He claims there are numerous videos of him making poor decisions during the stream. And he says he hired someone to comb through hundreds of videos to find them. But the poker community has been unable to locate such clips.

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