Jan is the founder of IRON x WOOD, a company from Slovenia building tables from reclaimed wood with a strong vision that brings together the age old respect and knowledge of locals who have been living hand in hand with wood and the restoration of the old into modern that people will use with pleasure today. Above all IRON x WOOD tables radiate grounded presence we yearn for in the fast paced days. Jan’s personal story and relationship with the wood is the most honest way to introduce you to the company’s approach to the wood-making.

Directed by Ciril Jazbec
Filmed by Jan Jenko
Light by Jernej Vavpetic
1st AD by Katarina Jazbec
Produced by CJ STUDIO
Sound design by Dosa Kosovic DATURA
Creative direction by Ciril Jazbec and Katarina Jazbec
Copy writing by Katarina Jazbec
Color Correction by IMAGI STUDIO
Styling by Alenka Birk
Make-up and hair by Maja Drab
Locations by CJ STUDIO (special thanks to Marta and Vinko)
Models Jan Mihelic, Vinko, Jernej Vavpetic, Nika Arsovski, Kristof Istinic, Eva Kern, Branko Djokovic, Alenka Birk, Stefan Grasic, Tatjana Logar

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