Use cases for blockchain technology have accelerated over the past couple of years. Gone are the days when blockchain was simply a side word for Bitcoin, now, the blockchain is paving a career of its own within a number of exciting industries, from security and logistics, to the environment and even health care. We just need to look as far as projects like VeChainThor to see this health care revolution in action.

VeChain provides an excellent example for this, since they have been involved in a number of medical research projects in China, most importantly a new vaccine audit trial project which has been designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of vaccine programmes within China. Vaccines are important as they protect humans and animals alike from a range of illnesses and diseases, by improving the way vaccines are dealt with and issued in China, VeChain are looking at making vaccination programmes cheaper and importantly, more effective, improving healthcare for millions of people in the process.

What exactly is VeChain? According to Mycryptopedia:

“VeChain is a blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to enhance supply chain management processes. By utilizing tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology, VeChain provides retailers and consumers with the ability to determine the quality and authenticity of products that are bought. From product source materials, to servicing history, and spare part replacements, every single piece of information about the supply chain movement of a product can be recorded and verified to bring about a supply chain management ecosystem that is secure for all participants.”

The way the blockchain works here is by quickly recording vast amounts of data on a ledger that cannot be changed or interfered with. As a result, the audit trail is secure and all products within that audit can be accounted for, ensuring that (in this instance) all recorded vaccinations are safe to use and can be managed in a more efficient way.

VeChain is not the only company expanding their horizons into the healthcare sector, indeed many blockchain projects are utilising their technologies to make the health industry a more efficient place. Take this as yet another example of the sheer power the blockchain can provide us. The blockchain revolution is more than just cryptocurrency, that’s something we should all remember!

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