Put away your Pokédex, trainers. The Pokémon themed pop-up bar is officially canceled.

The cancellation comes a few weeks after customers were notified that the bar’s October stop in Miami and Orlando was postponed until January after event organizers failed to secure permission from Nintendo to use Pokémon branding for the event.

The pop-up bar, which was never an official Pokémon Company event, then underwent a heavy-duty makeover — almost in par with one of Team Rocket’s classic disguises.

Its PokeBar name was switched to The Monster Burger Bar Brunch, a name only Pokémon fans might be able to connect with “Pocket Monsters,” the franchise’s original Japanese name.

The bar’s venue, which was never officially disclosed to customers, was also changing and a new website was created.

The event’s interactive format and burgers would not be affected by the re-branding, organizers promised in an Eventbrite email sent to customers late last month.

Pokemon burgers.PNG
Each ticket includes a Pokemon-inspired burger and cocktail. Who knows, you might get Bulbasaur, Pikachu or Charmander? Viral Ventures

Then things changed.

“After careful consideration we have decided to cancel the event entirely,” an event spokesman said to customers in an email Wednesday. “We have concluded that we do not feel that we would be able to deliver on the quality of the event we aim to always give our customers.”

When the pop-up bar was first announced, it was promoted as having everything a Pokémon Master could want from battles to Pokémon-inspired cuisine. The bar had stops planned across the country, including Los Angeles, Orlando and Canada.

Pokémon fans, while you might be disappointed that your party plans are ruined, at least you’ll be getting your $45 back.

A spokesperson said it could take eight to 10 business days for customers to receive the full refund.

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