What's the Thrive Patch?
The Thrive Patch is a weight-loss product that's delivers it's ingredients directly through the skin via a patch. The ingredients in the Thrive Patch include Forslean (coleus forskohlii), green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, CoQ10, white willow bark, Cosmoperine (tetrahydropiperine), Satiereal saffron extract (crocus) and green tea extract. The delivery process is called "Derma Fusion Technology" and supposedly boosts metabolism while suppressing appetite. You stick the patch to your upper arm / shoulder, where it is worn through the day. There were several products precedent The Thrive Patch using this delivery system.

The Thrive Patch first was marketed in 2014 from Le-Vel, a network marketing company based in Frisco, TX. It's sold on the official website and through independent distributors. There are a few positive customer comments and the product looks easy to apply.

Customer Service? Could Be Better
My first concern had nothing to do with Thrive Patch side effects, but poor customer service quality. Network marketing product experts say, "The true test of a company is the level of support, It looks as if users are not impressed by this business and that's disappointing figuring in the Thrive Patch cost."

"There was no phone number and no one to call you back. I emailed them this morning … no response," said a customer.

"There is no customer service line. This is a completely Cloud Based Business, meaning there is not an office full of people waiting to answer your questions on the phone," said another of the Thrive Patch reviews we read.

But I was also able to find some fans of Thrive:

"It seems as if this company has it together.

Effectiveness of Thrive Patch – Sketchy

Lack of results from the Thrive Patch was a main concern reported by customers. One of them said, "Does absolutely nothing for me."

"I was given the 3 day trial packet and followed the directions to a T. I've felt nothing while taking it; not even a short burst of elevated energy," said another user.

But some users noticed some results from the Thrive Patch ingredients.

"Been using it for about a month and noted some changes.

"Down a few pounds so far. I guess it works," said another.

From what I could surmise, if there is one aspect of a product that is especially troublesome, it is that the likelihood of long-term success is quite minimal. If Thrive products do not boost weight-loss pretty quickly right after a person starts using them, the likelihood of that person staying on the patch for the long haul, is unlikely.

The Science – Is It There?
While the company website claims it provides lifestyle support to the customer, there's no clinical studies connecting the Thrive Patch to weight-loss. The only ingredient documented to boost metabolism is green tea. Unfortunately, the amount used in the patch is not provided; which means it may not be enough to actually produce weight loss. Before starting any program, the potential customer needs to see documented clinical research supporting the effectiveness of the formula in order to have confidence in purchasing it ..

Does it Work?
So, what's my conclusion on the Thrive Patch? I like that it has a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments. I'm really unsure about the patch because there's no research supporting the ingredients connection to weight-loss, with the exception of green tea, but I still do not know how much green tea it contains. I also can not ignore the negative user feedback about it not working and quality of customer service.

Dieters who really want to drop pounds and get rid of excess body fat, should do their homework, then purchase a supplement containing ingredients backed by clinical research and a robust service.

Source by Clint Grimes