As part of our mission in “Awakening Goodness” in our local and international communities, we are honored to have partnered with the Jalinga Tea Estate and Q-Trade to renovate and upgrade the Jalinga Tea Estate hospital facility.

Improvements to the hospital included the construction of an additional ward for increased comfort and privacy; additional bathrooms and sinks were also constructed. The renovation also included the addition of fencing and a gate, as well as ramp access to the hospital. The roof and ceiling of the hospital were also replaced, and new windows, window screens and ceiling fans were installed. Finally, the hospital received new tiling and a fresh coat of paint.

To further ensure that those in the Jalinga community were receiving better access to healthcare, we ensured the availability of medical supplies and provided the hospital with Yogi Woman’s Nursing Support and Woman’s Mother to Be teas. And, when our team learned that the local schoolhouse was also in need, we visited its classrooms to share supplies with students.

It is our hope that through this project, the Jalinga community will benefit from improved access to medical care and educational resources, as well as an overall improved quality of life.

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