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With the amount of time, effort and grueling hard work craftspeople put into their projects, it’s only right that a woodworker demands superior performance from his equipment. Jet respects that right and, in turn, produces truly exceptional machinery and accessories. Built to foster the best of your abilities, Jet products are engineered for precise, efficient performance and they’re affordable, too. Jet’s DELUXE XACTA SAW cabinet style table saw, for example, offers advanced features, super-smooth performance and a surprisingly great price point when compared to similar saws.

The 10-inch XACTA SAW table saw performs among the very best machines in the industry. While being up to 30% less expensive than these other saws, the 708675PK still manages to boast an exclusive 50″ XACTA fence, an incomparable blade guard system and a powerful 3HP, 1PH motor. The XACTA Fence II has a T-square design, it’s extremely well-aligned right out of the box and delivers terrifically precise results. The blade guard system is simple to use, it’s easy to remove and reinstall and it doesn’t get in the way of your work. In fact, the system just makes sense; you’ll use it, you’ll want to use it and you won’t dread making adjustments. The guard itself has a see-through top and moves easily, and with a quick release riving knife, the system protects against kickback and binding, too.

The DELUXE XACTA SAW also features an upgraded Poly-V belt drive system delivering incredibly smooth, efficient operation. This also enhances the longevity of the machine and ensures better power transfer and cut quality. The saw’s rail mounted magnetic switch is easy to get to and offers overload protection, and a hinged motor cover allows quick access to the motor and belts. The saw’s chrome plated, heavy-duty handwheels ensure smoother arbor and trunnion movement and, thanks to the machine’s powder coated paint finish, the table saw keeps up appearances with a long-lasting, chip resistant finish.

The XACTA saw has a precision machined, high-luster table top that’s truly flat and built deeper to provide more work space. Thanks to the saw’s standard 11-inch right and left extension wings, you have a lot more cast iron to work with; in fact, the saw gives users the largest working surface area in its class. With a fully shrouded blade, the saw additionally offers excellent dust collection and eliminates virtually all dust from the cabinet. A direct vacuum hose attachment (4-inch dust port) keeps dust out of the air and off your projects ensuring a safer environment and cleaner shop. The saw also features an arbor lock for faster, safer blade changes and an enclosed cabinet with a drawer. This gives you on-board storage space for the things you need most.

Ultimately, the Jet DELUXE XACTA SAW is a powerful and advanced machine with the chops to compete with any of the more expensive machines. The saw runs smooth, stays precise, cuts clean and offers a superior blade guard and super-efficient dust collection. The saw is sturdy, it’s built to last and will consistently impress you with high-quality performance and results. Still want more? Well, you got it. The JET XACTA SAW ships FREE from us here at Really. We offer free shipping on all JET machinery.

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